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Server Woes

Groopi has been having a rocky time over the last few months but we are almost out of the worst of it!

Groopi was being hosted by but they were having some serious issues with their load balancers (Gateway exceptions reported when logging in, saving guitar tabs etc..) I have been dealing with a chap named Ivan over than matter, but after three weeks correspondance the issue was still not resolved. Grrr!

So I have decided to host the web server from my office at home! It is running on a Ubuntu VMWare and is load balanced using pound over 5 web instances (using mongrel_cluster).

I am still calibrating stuff like the update processes, network configuration, and memcached caching.. so there may be some short outage periods, I appolgise in advance… please bear with me!!


Status Update #2

Musician & Band Profiles are pretty much done now, leaving the next big piece of work to be getting this standards compliant web-site working with IE6/7/8. This shouldn’t be too complicated (just time-consuming and makes me cringe a lot) as my day job involves getting sites working exclusively with IE (I know more about bugs in IE than Microsoft do!!)

Once this is done, I can re-implement the lyrics and score writers which had to be put out previously for the new site-design. Also the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

As I am currently working on two other sites ( and as-well-as consulting for Situp (, to get thier site through the ever-approaching xmas rush.. so I’m not sure how much time I have to spend on these features.. but it remains a passion for me to make this site a success, so I will do everything in my power to spend some time on it in the coming weeks!!!

If you have created an account on Groopi and have some feedback, I would appreciate anything you have to say (unless it will make me cry?!) you can contact me from the link at the top of the page.


Status Update #1

Groopi is currently feature complete, however because of the radical UI design, it is taking me some time to decide how the features should look and then integrate them into the UI.

I am also taking the time to add as many unit/functional tests as I can, to make sure the UI will remain stable for the initial release and as sanity checks during any future updates.


Groopi Blog

Hi all, this blog is going to be used to keep you up-to-date with my project: Groopi, a "Get Things Done" web site for musicians.

Currently the site is still being developed. I am hoping to get a private beta out for August for about 250-500 people to start seeing how the site will perform, and to iron any kinks that we may find before making this site available to the general public.

The site will be free for all musicians, with the exception of the promotion feature. (more about that in future posts!)

Kind Regards

Tom Medhurst
(Groopi Architect and Developer)